Membership to the Stalnaker Family Association is required for voting privileges at the annual membership meeting. Becoming a member also gives the Association a way of keeping track of any interested party who wants to receive information about the annual reunion, current information on the cabin restoration and other pertinent matters related to the Stalnaker Family Association. In addition, the fees help to pay for the mailing of the annual newsletter and the rental of the space for the annual reunion. Only one annual payment of $10 is required for each adult member. You must be a member to purchase a Stalnaker Family Association history book.

To become a member, please print and complete the form and include with your payment. You can either pay the treasurer Dan Wilson at the annual reunion or send a check to: Treasurer Dan Wilson, 3075 Lander Road, Pepper Pike, Ohio 44124          



Name:  The non-profit organization shall be known as the STALNAKER FAMILY ASSOCIATION.
Purpose:  The Stalnaker Family Association's purpose is to educate people regarding the history, genealogy, and culture of the early settlers of North Central WV.  This is accomplished through teaching, research, storytelling and interpretation.  The Association provides the public an educational focal point through the maintenance and programming of one of the first settlers' homes (the Jacob Stalnaker cabin, which was relocated to the grounds of the Randolph County Historical Society in Beverly, WV) and the nearby Old Stalnaker Cemetery. The Association's public purpose is further achieved by hosting an annual research day at the historic Stalnaker cabin along with other educational activities throughout the year.
Section 1:  The Stalnaker Family Association shall consist of members who have duly paid their dues and are entitled to the benefits thereof.  Applicants will become members upon payment of dues and fees as prescribed elsewhere in this Constitution and By-Laws.
Section 2:  The annual dues for a member and his family all residing underone roof shall be $10.00 per year determined by the Stalnaker Family Association at the annual meeting. The dues are normally due and payable by the end of the calendar year or at the Association annual meeting to the Treasurer of the Association.

Section 1:
  The officers shall be a president, a senior vice-president, a vice president, a secretary, a treasurer and five directors who will all be elected as hereinafter provided.
Section 2:  Officers shall be elected at the annual reunion meeting.
Section 3:  Officers shall be installed at the annual meeting at which time they are duly elected, and shall take office at the close of the annual meeting.
Section 4:  All elected officers and elected board members shall serve for a term of two years or until their successors are elected.
Section 5:  Officers shall perform such duties as prescribed by these by-laws and such additional duties as may be designated by the Board of directors.
Section 6:  
a.     The president shall be chairman of the Board of Directors;
b.     Preside at all meetings of the association;
c.     Serve as ex-officio member of all committees except the committee on nominations;
d.     Present an annual report to the membership.
e.     Appoint annually one active member (dues paid in full for the upcoming year) of the Stalnaker Family Association to be a VOTING member of the Randolph County Historical Society
with that member being responsible to protect our interests in the Stalnaker Cabin, that is located in Beverly, West Virginia.
Section 7:
a.     The senior vice-president shall act for the president in his absence;
b.     In the event of vacancy in office of presidency, the senior vice-president shall service as president until the next annual election or until a successor is elected;
c.     The senior vice-president may serve as chairman of the membership committee.
Section 8:
a.     The vice-president shall succeed the senior vice-president in event of vacancy in that office and serve until the next annual election or until a successor is elected;
b.     The vice-president may serve as chairman of the program committee.
Section 9:
a.     The secretary shall keep the minutes of all meetings of this association;
b.     Shall conduct general correspondence of this association;
c.     Send notices of time and place of all meetings;
d.     Notify all officers and committees of their election or appointment;
e.     Preserve all papers, letters and transactions of the association;
f.      Keep accurate record names and addresses of all members.
Section 10:
a.     The treasurer shall receive dues and all other funds of the association, and deposit such funds in a bank designated by the Board of Directors;
b.     Shall pay only such bills as have been approved by the President;
c.     Keep an itemized list of all receipts and disbursements and give a written report at all regular meetings of the association;
d.     Submit all books for audit as and if so specified by the Board of Directors.
Section 11:  All officers shall deliver to the newly elected president all accounts, records, papers and other property belonging to the association within two weeks following their retirement.

Section 1:
  The officers of the Association plus five (5) elected directors shall constitute the full Board of Directors.
Section 2:  Regular meetings of the Board of Directors shall be held preceding the regular meetings of this association.
Section 3:  Special meetings of the Board of Directors may be called by the president on three days notice to each member of the Board either by mail or personally.  A special meeting may be
called, also upon the written request of four or more members of the Board of Directors.  Other special meetings may be held at such time and place as may be made necessary and
as specified in the notice.

Section 1:  
The Board of Directors shall transact the general business of the Association in the interim between meetings.
Section 2:  Establish major administrative policies governing the affairs of the Association and devise and mature measures for the Association’s growth and development.
Section 3:  Report to the Association at each regular meeting the business transacted in the interim meetings.
Section 4:  Provide work for the officers and committees as may be deemed expedient; provide for proper care of materials, equipment, and funds of the Association, provide for payment
of legitimate expenses, and provide for the annual auditing of all books of account when a new treasurer assumes office.
Section 5:  Appoint standing committees and all committees not otherwise provided for.
Section 6:  Fill vacancies in standing committees and on the Board of directors, except those occurring in the offices of president or senior vice-president.
Section 7:  Provide for establishment and dissolution of sections of this document in accordance with these By-laws.
Section 8:  Decide upon a date and place for the annual meeting and hold meetings of the Board of Directors as herein before provided.
Section 9:  Approve or disapprove questionable applicants for membership.
Section 10: The Board of Directors shall not incur any liability in excess of the budgeted amounts without approval of the Board of Directors.
Section 11: If any member of the Board of Directors is absent from three successive regular meetings of the Board, unless excused, this member’s seat shall be vacated and filled in
accordance with these By-laws.
Section 12: At the discretion of the President of the organization, in the cases of inclement weather, poor health, living arrangements, and otherwise unforeseen circumstances, members
may attend meetings via teleconference.  The means may include, but are not limited to, telephone, Skype, Facetime, or Google Voice.

Section 1:
  Standing committees shall assume such duties as are specified in these By-laws and such other duties as may be assigned by the Board of Directors.
Section 2:  The following standing committees may be appointed at or immediately after each annual reunion meeting, and shall serve until the next annual meeting or until their respective successors are appointed:  1.  By-laws; 2.  Finance;  3. Legislation;  4. Nominations;  5. Membership promotion;  6.  Programs; 7.  Ways & Means.
1.     The committee on By-laws shall suggest and receive all proposed amendments, and shall submit these proposed amendments to the Board of Directors without delay.
2.     The committee on Finance shall consist of the treasurer as chairman, and will prepare the annual budget, and advise as to expenditure of funds and report same to the Board of Directors.
3.     The committee on Legislation shall study needs for any legislative actions;  study proposed federal, state and local legislation for implications which may affect the association or which may
benefit the association.  The report shall be made to the Board of Directors.
4.     The committee on Nominations shall be representative of the various geographical areas of the association where possible, and shall prepare annually or as needed a ticket of at least one
nominee for each office to be filled.  This ticket shall be submitted to the Board of directors prior to the annual meeting. All names presented shall be accompanied by a statement of
qualifications and consent of the nominee to serve if elected.
5.     Membership promotion committee shall study and evaluate methods pertaining to memberships; develop and implement plans for retaining and increasing membership;  plan and conduct a
continuing program for membership promotion.  Reports of progress shall be made to the Board of Directors.
6.     The committee on Programs shall develop plans for meetings during the year and to focus and develop plans for the annual meeting and report progress to Board of Directors.
7.     The committee on Ways and Means shall have the duty of promoting and raising funds by projects.  They will report to the Board of Directors on their efforts and success.

Section 1:
  The president, vice-president, treasurer, and Board member  shall be elected at the annual meeting held in ODD numbered years. The senior vice-president, secretary shall be elected at the annual meeting held in the EVEN numbered years.
Section 2:  The officers and elected Board members shall serve for two (2) years or until their successors are elected.
Section 3:  The officers shall be installed and terms of office shall commence at the adjournment of the annual meeting.  
Section 4:  Before opening the polls, additional nominations not provided by the nominating committee may be made from the floor.
Section 5:  The president of the association shall appoint “tellers” who shall act as inspectors and counters of the election.
Section 6:  A plurality of votes of the members present and voting shall constitute election.

Section 1:  
Regular meetings of the Board of Directors of this Association shall be held at least twice a year at a time and place decided by the president.
Section 2:  The order of business at regular meetings of the Board of Directors shall include;
a.     Call to order;
b.     Reading of minutes;
c.     Communications from president;
d.     Report of treasurer;
e.     Report of the interim meetings of the Board of Directors;
f.      Report of committees;
g. Other business;
h.     Adjournment.
Section 3:  The annual meeting of the Association shall be held at a time and place decided by the Board of Directors.  This meeting will be held on the third Sunday of July.
Section 4:  The order of business at the annual meeting shall be;
a.     Call to order
b.     Roll call
c.     Minutes
d.     Address of the president
e.     Annual report of secretary
f.      Annual report of treasurer
g.     Annual report of committees
h.     Election of officers
i.      Other business
j.      Installation of new officers
k.     Adjournment
Section 5:  Special meetings of this Association may be called by the president OR upon written request of seven (7) members of the Association.
Section 6:  The Board of Directors in case of necessity, may change the date for the annual regular meeting provided ALL members are notified.
Section 7:  The voting body shall consist of members who are in attendance and no member may case more than one vote in any special or specific election or matter coming before the meeting.

Section 1:  
All grievances against executive officers and management of affairs or against the conduct of any officer or member shall be made in writing to the Board of Directors and shall be signed by the complaining member or members.
Section 2:  The Board of Directors at their next meeting shall consider such communications and shall render all possible assistance in clarifying the problem.

Section 1:
  Four (4) members including two officers shall constitute a quorum for transaction of business at any regular meeting of the Board of Directors of the Association.
Section 2:  A majority of the Board of Directors; or of any standing or special committee shall constitute a quorum for that meeting.

Section 1:
  The fiscal year of this association shall be from July 1 to June 30. 
Section 2:  Robert’s Rules of Order revised shall govern meetings of this Association in all cases applicable and where not inconsistent with these By-laws.
Section 3:  These By-laws may be amended at any regular meeting or at the annual meeting by a two-thirds majority vote of the members present and voting;  providing the proposed
amendments have been properly “aired” to select members at least two (2) weeks previous to the meeting.
Section 4:  These By-laws may be amended without previous notice at any annual meeting of the association by a majority vote of all members present and voting.
Section 5:  This constitution and By-laws shall be voted by the members of the Association at the annual meeting next after submission to officer;  and by a majority vote of all members
present and voting will be adopted.
Section 6:  This constitution and By-laws shall be come effective upon its adoption except where odd and even years for election of officers prevent it’s immediate adoption; in which case those
provisions will be adopted at the first consistent time relative to the provisions.

The Association upon a majority vote of members present at an annual association meeting may dissolve the association. In the event that the association is dissolved, the Board of Directors shall be responsible for disposal of all assets within one (1) year.